Real time tracking

The simplest way for mobile users to share
their location with the world!

A simple solution for a common need

From time to time businesses and charities need to share their location to the wider world.

  • Are you are a mobile vendor setting up a market stall in different locations each day?
  • Are you a charity providing a moving 'Christmas Float' to your community?
  • Do you simply want to share your location to a group of followers?

We provide a simple mobile app to check in with and share your position to your fans! You can get a link to your dedicated page, so that you can share your position on social media and even embed our map on your website.

Getting started is easy!

Step 1

Register online

It only takes a minute to register and setup your account - we then provide you with your dedicated url

Step 2

Download the App

Once installed, simply enter your unique code to connect your app to our servers

Step 3

Start Sharing!

As soon as you start sharing, your location is available via your dedicated page!

Register now
and start sharing!